1 Pair Tourmaline Self-Heating Far Infrared Magnetic Therapy Wrist Pad Wrist Brace Support Pads Health Products


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Type:Tcare Neck Brace
Material:Self-adhesive cloth + Tourmaline + Tourmalin Cloth + Magnet
Self-heating: Yes
Quantity:1 Pair

2 Pcs magnets,stimulate the wrist acupoint,relief wrist pain
Imported tourmaline factors, promote elbow fever, with auxiliary magnetic therapy, the effect is more obvious
Good workmanship, beautiful, generous
No electricity needed, the knee pad has self-heating heat source
Without time and site restriction
Safe and convenient no side effects
Expanse blood vessels, promote blood circulation, prevent bone and joint disease
Regulating the body’s metabolic activities such as immunization, and help restore balance and body functions.
Promote and improve blood circulation.
Increase metabolism.
Improve immune function.
With inflammation, swelling and analgesic effect.
Ions have stable autonomic nervous system, control sympathetic to improve sleep quality 
Big accumulation point tourmaline, heat effect is more obvious

Please closely wear this brace to the body joints.
About 30 minutes, You can feel heat sensation and tingling
Please wear three hours every time, and it can be used repeatedly one day.
If you want to achieve the effect faster, you can wipe the black functional point with warm and wet towel, or wipe your joints skin.
This product can be used repeatedly. Please do not dip this brace into water, only with water soaked towel to remove the surface dirt.Please complate the washing within five minutes,then put it in a cool ventilated place to dry

1, High fever, high blood pressure, bleeding tendency, temperature sensory disturbance and skin damage are prohibited to wear
2, Acute soft tissue injury, please wear after 24 hours
3, The people with pacemakers are prohibited to wear
4, Local redness, burning is normal phenomenon,it will disappear after removing this product.
5, This is nsuitable for pregnant women and children
6, To prevent magnetization ,please do not contact the brace with magnetic products.




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