Detoxification and Healing Crises

Know what you’re getting yourself into, and you’ll know where you’re going. As you embark on this adventure to health, you should know that you might encounter some bumps in the road along the way. (That’s why it’s an adventure. How boring would a smooth and paved road be, anyway?) As you start to cleanse yourself of all your toxins, your body will need to readjust itself to its new healthier existence.

This process is often referred to as the detoxification cycle. The name is far worse than the actual event. Don’t get this vision of an alcoholic going through all the pain and suffering of getting clean and sober. You won’t be hunched in a corner, shaking uncontrollably, with drool coming from your mouth. Your body will naturally go through a reversal process that undoes the damage you have created over many, many years.

New tissue, which is healthy, strong, virile, and active, replaces old diseased and corrupted tissue. Each cell in your body is like a little unit of life. So if you’ve been polluting or destroying those cells in any way, you are depleting your “power supply.” You may not realize that cells divide themselves rather than “multiply.”

That division is not infinite, however. As you develop, certain cells take on specialized functions. They become all-mighty protectors. Once your permanent cells are established, all your other cells become transient. Those on the surface are replaced much faster than those found more deeply within your body.

Part of the reason I’m giving you this information is so that you’ll realize and appreciate the importance of keeping your body in good working order. Your body is a well-oiled machine that, when functioning properly, works as a whole unit. Even though you have individual organs all operating independently, if everything

goes right, you’re never aware of it. When something goes wrong, however, it seems to cause a chain reaction. The detoxification process works under the same principle. Correcting the areas of your body that are dysfunctional will cause a chain reaction until each area works as it should. Consider this detoxing as a cleansing of the body and a time for rebirth and rejuvenation. It is a period where your body rids itself of unwanted, unneeded, and unhealthy materials.

Elimination is not accomplished just by going to the bathroom. To do this effectively, you have to replace all those polluted cells and infested molecules with healthy new ones. And to accomplish that task, you have to deliberately render those old cells inactive and rid your body of their harmful aftereffects. You need to create a new “how to live” program for yourself and replace those old “ineffective” habits in the process.

Detoxification mostly happens at night. It is basically a two-step “taking out the trash” process. The first step allows the “trash” living in your body to be easily picked up. The molecules become “sticky” or “activated,” making them more dangerous than they were when they were dormant. Now that they’ve been activated you may experience an even worse withdrawal reaction. You don’t want these molecules hanging around for too long. Step two gets rid of the unwanted “trash” in a timely manner. “Conjunction” occurs when the sticky molecules are

picked up by tiny little carrier molecules and are rendered “inactive” as they are carried away. They become more soluble in the water of your blood or bile and leave your body through either your kidneys or your intestine.

Some of the toxins in your body that you’ll be flushing through your detoxification are aluminum, lead, caffeine, nicotine, dairy, and preservatives found in food, just to name a few. With every toxin you attack, your body will have some physical reaction as it adjusts itself to its “toxin-free” environment.

This is when you may have a “healing crisis,” that is, you may experience many different types of side effects as a result of your healing. For example, a commonly known side effect of giving up caffeine is what is often referred to as a “caffeine headache,” which lasts about four days or until your craving for caffeine subsides. When you give up dairy, you may notice a runny nose for a few days. Because our bodies have many different orifices, we get rid of toxins not only by going to the bathroom but by releasing them through the bronchial tubes, the skin, and the lymphatic system as well.

You can’t always anticipate the consequences of a well-intended effort to change long and hard-to-break habits. You can, however, realize that the side effects are a temporary condition that leads you to a more permanent and healthier way of life. Don’t get scared by what I’m telling you here, because whether you are

aware of it or not, you have gone through this process many times before. Every time you started a diet or changed your habits in any way, your body adjusted in some way, whether it was extra elimination, nervous energy, lightheadedness, fatigue, and so on — you just never knew what to call it before. I hope this time will be the last time you ever have to go through this.

Please note that not everyone will experience a healing crisis. It won’t happen to you unless you’re out of balance to begin with. The intensity of the crises will be in proportion to the severity of your condition. If you’re a two-pack-a-day smoker, for example, you’ll go through more changes when you quit than if you smoke three to five cigarettes every evening. One important thing to remember is that you may go through more than one healing crisis in your detoxification process.

The body has several eliminative systems, so there will be many ways to recognize that you are moving away from the diseased condition you were living in. The healing crises are what happen to your body as it “peaks out” during the reversal or detoxification process. As your body gets closer to becoming more pure, it must go through what is considered an acute state of what had previously occurred during the worst period of the diseased condition. What this means is that for three to four days, you’re going to hit a wall before you finally have a true sense of renewed health, and it usually happens as you finally believe you feel wonderful. The healing crises happen as a result of the extreme activity going on within your body, and its attempt to handle the overabundance of toxic waste. It’s your body’s way of dealing with the elimination of that waste.

It’s important to note that nothing can bring on the “crises” except your own body saying, “It’s time!” You should not fear going through such a crisis, however. In fact, it’s sort of like earning a Purple Heart medal. It’s earned through sacrifice and determination. (A sugar headache for two days and a stuffy “antidairy” nose for three days were part of my healing crises, but it was worth it knowing that I was finally doing something right for my body.)

The crises can come in varying degrees, but rarely will your body go through more than one crisis at a time. It usually works its way through your body according to what system is being cleansed. Most healing reactions are short-lived (three to five days), though they might last a little longer, depending on how severe the damage was. The best way to get through a healing crisis (remember, this is a good thing) is to say to yourself, “I’m on a new path and I’m cleaning up my act.” You have to change your old habits to change your health. Without healing there can be no cure. You get sick when your body is out of balance; when you’ve been doing the wrong things.

Most of the time the harm is reversible, through detoxification and healing. Remember that disease (dis-ease) is nothing more than a lack of health. (Perhaps the politically correct term here would be “health-challenged.”) In the following ten chapters I’ll explain the ten steps that I took to change my life and why. Read them all before deciding which step you would like to take first. I want you to feel like a winner on this program, but remember one thing. This is not a diet. It’s not some quick-weight-loss program, but rather a gradual shift in shedding your old habits (as well as pounds).

Results can be dramatic in as little as two weeks, and the people who make the changes permanent never look as if they used to be heavy or unhealthy. You will have boundless energy and such an improved sense of well-being that you will carry yourself differently. When I had my own talk show, I decided that I wanted to share this information with people all over the country. I had a forum where I could reach out to millions and provide them with the necessary information to get started. We conducted a nationwide search for candidates who were finally ready to make this change in their lives.

Narrowing down the thousands of responses to just five people was a task in itself! But we did, and one of the women we selected is now someone whom I consider not only my friend, but also my number one success story.

Her name is Maggie Gillott Fountain. Maggie has lost a total of fifty-eight pounds to date, by giving up dairy and sugar, and improving the quality of her food. Today, she bears no sign that she was once heavy and unhealthy. She looks like the animal she was meant to be: a gorgeous, sleek, elegant Maggie.

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